Westerville Style of Government: Council-Manager
The Council-Manager form of government consists of a legislative body – City Council – elected by popular vote and responsible for policy-making. Day-to-day operations are the responsibilities of a central administrator, known as the City Manager.

Home Rule Charter
In 1964, Westerville residents adopted a Home Rule Charter, which gives the municipal government greater local control and flexibility than the statutory form. Ohio statute governs only on matters which Westerville’s Charter does not address.

Every ten years, Council must appoint a Charter Review Commission, which may propose revisions to the Charter. Any proposed revisions must be submitted to local voters for consideration.

City Council
Westerville City Council consists of seven at-large members elected to serve four-year terms. Elections are held in odd-numbered years, with four seats filled in one election and three seats filled in the next election. Council members elected in November take office in December. Council then elects officers amongst themselves to serve two-year terms as Council Chair, Council Vice Chair, Mayor and Vice Mayor. Specific City Council duties generally fall into one of the following five categories: adopt/amend City laws, establish policies, approve budgets, establish spending priorities or approve contracts and agreements.

The City Manager, Clerk of Council and Director of Law report directly to City Council. The City Manager serves as the City’s Chief Executive Officer, running Westerville’s day-to-day activities while implementing policies of City Council. The Clerk of Council records council proceedings, ordinances and resolutions; all of which are open to public inspection at any time during regular business hours.

Formal Council meetings generally occur on the first and third Tuesday of every month, followed by informal work sessions the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. All of these meetings are open to the public, unless otherwise advertised as part of an executive session. Council may have executive sessions to discuss personnel, real estate or litigation-related matters.

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